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Ava Devine Biography Photo Ava Devine Biography
Born: 1/22/1974
Aliases: Karen Little, Ava Divine, Ava Adore

Born: January 22, 1974 Long Island, New York
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 126 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 38F
Waist: 26
Hips: 36

Ava Devine (born January 22, 1974) is an American pornographic actress known primarily for her surgically enlarged breasts, "dirty talk" and a willingness to perform a variety of sex acts during sex scenes.

Ava's mixed Chinese/Italian heritage gives her a unique, "non-specific foreign" look that has allowed her to play various ethnicities and nationalities during her career. As you might guess from her buxom physique, Ava Devine first got into the skin biz as a stripper. She was well into her twenties before she decided to take the porn plunge, but made up for lost time by throwing herself head-long into her wanton work. Her first appearance in a pornographic film was in Titty Mania 12, according to the IMDB. Also in 2003, she began posing for internet pictorials and shooting scenes intended for internet distribution, her first of these was a video on Milf hunter, a site that lists Ava as one of their most downloaded actresses. Her movies can fall into a wide-range of sub-genre categories, including Gonzo, Anal, DP and Group.In addition to starring in adult film, Devine has worked as an escort (often with porn star Sara Jay), and danced on the feature club circuit. She currentlyescorts within the Las Vegas, Nevada area. In 2005, she won a prestigious AVN award in the category Best Oral Sex Scene for her performance in Francesca Le's Cum Swallowing Whores 2. Ava currenlty works with LA Direct Models.

In a recent article written as "The Wonder of Ava Devine" by Hannah Harper.

I was the one that picked Ava up on the eve of her first trip to L.A.. Ava greeted me with a smile as big as her boobs. I took one of her cases from her as we walked to my car to embark on the short journey to the Direct Models office. We chatted generally about the industry. Ava told me she had done two scenes in Vegas, she asked me if I worked and what work I did, did I like the business, Los Angeles, etc.. As I pulled into the garage and put the car in park, Ava suddenly told me she liked to get her customers off in the strip club where she worked. I looked at her in disbelief wondering where this confession had come from. Seeing my startled expression she asked, "Do you think I'm awful, Hannah?" I don't remember what I said in response.

Ava stayed with me and the other models during her first trip. Not long after she arrived, I rushed into my house in the midst of a very busy day, arms full of girls' tests, ID shots and other items to distribute. Ava's voice followed me around the house, telling me at my request about her day. She told me she had had a great time at her scene, that she loves DP and wants to do more. She told me she was going to pee in a cup and drink it so she would be used to the taste when she does it on camera. (She asked me which of my cups she could use for this.) I was still rushing around the house. Ava moved onto the subject of anal fisting, as she wanted to try it but had never done it before. As I nearly ran into her coming out of the kitchen, she asked, "Hannah, if I lie on the coach do you think you could try fisting my ass?" I stopped right in my tracks and looked at her, horrified. She told me quickly that she was only joking. She was deadly serious.

Ava made quite a splash in her first few weeks here. Rumors quickly started flying that Ava was blowing every guy on set, well most of the guys she ran into anywhere actually, but I never quite believed it. That was until I drove her to a shoot early one morning. Apart from the director, we were the first ones there. I lead Ava into the makeup room and left her for a second to find the director and realizing he was on the phone, I decided to leave and went back in to say goodbye to her. There was no one in the room. "Where is she?" I thought, I had literally been gone for three minutes at the most. Turning to exit, I heard her voice coming from the bathroom, "Oh yeah baby, I like that, oh you're a dirty boy aren't you?" I stood frozen listening to it and still I didn't believe it. Who the hell was she in there with? "That must be some sort of record," I pondered as I walked back to my car, "Walking into a building of strangers and having sex with someone in less than five minutes." I found out later she was in there with the homeowner, and he was fingering her as she peed over his hand. I'm sure I had seen his wife pottering in the garden.

Another day and I'm in the car with Ava again, and she is telling me about her night out in West Hollywood. Apparently Ava can even get laid in a gay bar! Two minutes after walking in the door of one club this guy is telling her how good she looks, leading him into the bathroom she pulled down her pants letting him know that she's all woman. His cock got harder so Ava jerked him off while her gay friend watched. She told the guy to come over the wall. He did and Ava and her friend left. In the second club, Ava met two Italian guys that stopped and complimented her. She told them she'd like to see them suck each other off but found out that they were in fact not gay. Leading them to the handicapped stall, she unzipped them. They had condoms so she blew and fucked them both. Time to go home, Ava and her friend jumped in a cab, and her friend is making out with someone in the back seat so Ava got in the front. Her eyes lit up when she saw how cute the driver was. Yes, you guessed it. Within seconds she had pulled out his cock and was stroking it. He came almost instantly, and then unsure of what to do with himself started handing out cigarettes! Needless to say he didn't charge a fare! I was listening intently to this story, so much so we took a wrong turn, not an uncommon occurrence when I'm driving a model to work, I took the next right in order to do a u-turn and we ended up in front of a fire station. "Oh Ava, look, firemen!" I said. She smiled, "Can we, Hannah? Can we stop?" I shook my head; there was a pause. "What do you think of me, Hannah? Do you think I'm awful?" she said, another pause as I contemplated. "You know what, Ava?" I responded, "Meeting you is like meeting Father Christmas. You never really think girls like that exist. You think they are a myth told from one guy to another as the premise of a porn movie or an article in a men's magazine but here you are, proving that there is a chance that the barely legal delivery boy bringing food to the Direct Models office will get a blowjob, (this really happened) or an ordinary guy may get a hand job behind a bush from a porn star jogging in the park, (so did this, in fact the stories I could tell you about Ava are endless), and here you are."

As I contemplate Ava further I realize this, when I felt I could no longer be shocked, when I thought I had heard and seen it all, Ava came into my world and turned it on its head. I've never known a person not to smile in her presence whether she is relaying stories or creating another! Ava is a true giver and the purest form of slut. She has sex for the fun of having sex. She does not use it as a weapon or play it as a game. Every time we girls shoot a scene we are creating a fantasy, a mythical woman, promiscuous, spontaneous, adventurous, yet attainable, approachable, Ava is porn's lady of the lake, the proof that this myth really can exist and could be coming to a park near you! And that my friend is the wonder of Ava Devine.

-Hannah Harper

Growing up, Devine was pretty sexual and had a very horny boyfriend to help her along life's sexual path. - "Otherwise I was a pretty normal kid," she states. "I grew up in Long Island, New York. I went to school, hung out with my friends. I was an okay student but sex was on my brain. I don't know why, either. I didn't come from a bad family or had been raped or molested as a child- thankfully, enough. But I was always intrigued with sex. I have older sisters and I'd hear them talk about stuff. And I'd watch a lot of soap operas or the Playboy Channel. I was highly influenced by that."

Devine first had sex at 18 in a guy's house. - "I wanted it sooner," she comments. "All my friends had done it and they're, like, oh my God it hurts. I'm, like, I want to know. I want to know. I had always been I like kissing. I like fondling. I want to totally do this. Then when I did it, I did it with some guy who was a little bit older. And I was embarrassed because I was bleeding and I didn't want to tell him I was a virgin. I told him I think I just got my period."

"Then I hooked up with another boyfriend who was four years older than me. He had watched porn and masturbated a lot. He was so horny and we'd fuck all the time. We were a good match. We'd do anal and he'd cum in my face."

Devine thinks she was 18 when she first took it in the ass. She says the first few times hurt like a son-of-a-bitch but that she wanted to do it. - "As I got older I kept experimenting with it," she continues. "A lot of guys like it, and it kind of got easy. So before I got into porn it was like everyone that fucked me in the ass was merely to get me ready for these anal movies I want to do. I was like, let me do all the practice I can. I would use any guy to fuck my ass just to get me used to it."

At the time Devine was escorting, her parents had no clue about her entertaining clients between the sheets. "And they still don't," she laughs. As for her being a recognized porn performer, Devine's mother knows about it. Her father, being older, isn't into the Internet.

"And a lot of people when I'm out don't recognize me," Devine points out, noting that her mother's concern was that she be safe and careful. "She worries about that and me not being fucked up on drugs or dead, diseased or beaten," she laughs. "As I long as I do that, she's okay."

As if it were ever a question, ,Devine also mentions the fact that she loves double anal. - "I love just the whole thought of two dicks in my hole," she says. "That two cocks are in my asshole, stretching it and are fucking me at the same time. It's very erotic, exotic, hot and nasty. It's very selfish and greedy. I'm such a cock monger and big cock whore that I have to have two dicks in my ass at the same time. I need it so bad. I love men. I love dick. I love getting fucked."

Before she got into the business, Devine never had the opportunity of two dicks in her ass simultaneously. "In the real world people don't even think about these things," I point out.

Porn Star Ava Devine is a bountiful Asian-American screaming starlet who has been churning and burning her way into fans' hearts since the moment of her summer 2003 debut. Ava Devine packs some mighty mean curves onto her tasty 5'4" frame, topped off by an eye-popping set of well-enhanced 36E breasts. She's got some package put together, and you can bet that she knows exactly what to do with every bouncy ounce.

As you might guess from her buxom physique, Ava Devine first got into the skin biz as a stripper. She was well into her twenties before she decided to take the porn plunge, but made up for lost time by throwing herself head-long into her wanton work.

Ava Devine made her debut in mid-2003, and wasted no time in establishing herself as a do-anything, do-anyone go-getter who was at her best when the sex was at its wildest. A great example of Ava Devine's no-holes-barred approach can be found in 'Banana Cream Pie 2,' where she joins Kylie Rey and a bunch of well-built studs in a bawdy bathroom blow-out that builds to a shattering DP finale. It's a completely over-the-top scene, and one that perfectly sums up Ava Devine's down-and-dirty demeanor.

Other top-notch scenes include Ava Devine's fiery fling in 'Lex Steele XXX 2,' where she took on Lexington Steele, Toni Ribas and another buffed black stud in a passionate, unfettered DP dalliance. Her screamingly lusty anal excursion with Mark Wood in 'Busty Beauties 7' and her wild-eyed threesome with Brittany Starr and Chris Dean in 'Limo Bustin Babes' are other not-to-be-missed outings.

Any porn fan with a taste for top-heavy Asian stunners will love every one of Ava Devine's incendiary performances. She continues to crank out several new titles each month, so you shouldn't have a hard time tracking down one of her white-hot romps.

Ava Devine: As an escort Profile


Ava Devine was born on the 22nd of January 1974 on Long Island, New York. Little is known about her life before she entered the adult industry, and she rarely talks about it in interviews. What is unusual about her, however, is the late start in pornography that she got. Ava started appearing in movies in 2003, at the age of 29 (considering that most entrants to the industry in modern times are usually aged from eighteen to their early twenties, this is seen as relatively old), but despite that she has exceeded many people's expectations and appeared in over 105 titles since then, firmly establishing herself as one of the most successful MILF niche (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) pornstars who are active at the moment. In her first year alone she worked for famed production companies such as Zero Tolerance, Elegant Angel, Digital Playground, Red Light District, VCA and Acid Rain. Part of the appeal of Ava Devine can be attributed to her being part asian, which adds a microniche for all of her viewers, especially due to the lack of mature asian content in the market right now (sales volumes in the asian sector are firmly based in the teen niche). This widespread appeal is only complimented by her surgicallly-enhanced bust, which measured 38F until October 2005, when she had it reduced to 38DD. Prior to this she was one of the most demanded models for breast oriented movies, including appearances in Busty Beauties and Titty Mania franchises from Hustler and Heatwave, respectively.

Despite having her breast implants reduced in size, Ava is still in popular demand in both the internet and video markets. In 2006 alone, she has appeared in over 12 titles (for companies such as Hustler, Platinum X, Pure Play and Evasive Angels) as well as a large number of internet scenes. While not appearing on camera, Ava works as a high class escort across America (primarily from her current hometown of Las Vegas) with one of her main attractions being the PSE (escort community terminology for the 'Porn Star Experience'). She has maintained her popularity by being known for her off-screen attitude being even more promiscuous than when she is on camera, stated by many (including the popular pornstar Hannah Harper) as being "willing to have sex with anyone, (regardless of gender) at any time".

With a career that is just over 3 years old, many of those in the industry (on both the consumer and production side) would think that there is little to Ava Devines' appeal and persona other than her unique physical traits. This however is untrue, and her career has been successful (both in adult perfomances and in off screen ventures) thanks to a number of factors, some of which are listed below.

* In many peoples opinions, Ava's fame can be contributed to the massive 38F breasts that she performed with for the first 2 years of her career. Notable due to the small amount of asian oriented porn stars in the big breast niche, and the even fewer amount who work in the interracial niche (Ava has performed in a number of DVD's with the famed black pornstar/producer Lexington Steele).
* Her asian origins, which combined with her age make her almost the only pornstar working in the MILF/mature niche who is of asian descent, it is notable that there are others in the niche but they do not work in the US and therefore recieve hardly any industry attention. This has led to many roles in both mature niche videos and especially websites.
* The attitude that she displays both on and off screen, which is always willing to have sex, and even when getting it, wanting more. This insatiability has led to a huge increase in her fanbase since she began performing for well known production companies, much thanks to articles produced for industry magazines such as AVN which testify that she is like that when off-camera as well.
* Ava's accessibity is another factor in why she is so popular, with frequent meet and greet sessions for fans at industry conventions and her escorting business, Ava is unlike many other pornstars who are considered 'unreachable' to fans once they are off camera, and do not interact with them at all.

Notable Releases

* Lex Steele XXX 2 (2003) - A Red Light District production which introduced Ava to the mainstream of porn, an lack of both interracial MILF and interracial asian content in the market was satisfied perfectly by this DVD, which featured Ava taking on 3 actors - the title-grabber Lexington Steele, Toni Ribas and Johnny Depth.
* 12 On One (2003) - Released by Lethal Hardcore, Ava's scene in this video alongside stars such as Nautica Thorn and Jackie Moore is considered one of her more extreme performances due to it featuring A2M (Ass To Mouth).
* Transsexual Gangbangers 10 (2003) - A rare outing for Ava, produced by Devil's Films, featuring her taking on three transsexuals (pre-op) in an auto garage. Her co-stars in this release included Vo D'Balm, Vicky Richter and Carmen Cruz.
* My Friend's Hot Mom 1 (2004) - Originally produced for the web production company Naughty America, this material was then licensed and released on DVD by Pure Play. The content has since also been included in their archive of mature content (Diary of a Milf) and more scenes have been shot for the company featuring Ava.
* Big Boob Lesbian Party 2 (2004) - One of an ever increasing number of big-boob niche films that Ava has starred in, many of the releases like this feature sub-niches (for example anal, lesbian or oral). She co-starred with Nicole Sheridan in this particular release.
* Meat Holes (2004) - By far the most extreme release Ava has ever starred in, this DVD featured content originally shot for the Meat Holes paysite. She shares an interracial threesome with Soma and is thoroughly abused throughout, although it should be noted that she is portrayed as enjoying it.
* Midnight Prowl 3 (2005) - Another release from Pariah video, and once again filmed by the Khan Tusion production team (also behind the Meat Holes DVD) for a website content release. This time the material is not as extreme, but instead focuses on the public sex aspect of porn. In this production, Ava takes a facial and shares the starring roles with Courtney Cummz and Crystal Ray.
* My Hot Wife Is Fucking Blackzilla 5 (2006) - Again, this is content shot originally for a website that has been licensed for DVD production. It features Ava playing a MILF role in a cuckolding style video (a husband sharing his wife with other men) alongside Shane Diesel.


A large part of Ava's appeal has been the huge amount of shoots she has featured in for porn websites, this has included both softcore and hardcore materials. Content featuring her is available widely on the net, however a large amount is simply licensed scenes from DVD releases she has starred in, a lower percentage is exclusive content that has been shot or ordered to be shot by the website producers themselves. An easy way to indentify these is that they are usually reality style (with a theme) websites rather than simple 'Movie Download' portals. Both have contributed to the growth of her fanbase, with potentially the most influential appearance being on the world-famous 'Milf Hunter' website in a scene with Shawn Rees. The website is within the top 5,000 sites on the internet according to ranking service Alexa.com and exposed her (along with creating a demand for her) in a completely different market to the video industry.

Since then she has made multiple exclusive appearances in web-exclusive content, with much of it being of a high enough quality to later be licensed and released on DVD. Interestingly, these apperances have not only been on mature or asian niche sites, many of them have been on niche sites not related to the normal market for Ava, including water bondage, BDSM and extreme toys (machines). Companies that have shot her for the net include Adult.com (now part of the Playboy company), My Friend's Hot Mom (part of Naughty America) and her own fan-club website AvaDevineOnline.com (which has not been verified to be owned by Ava herself, but it's focus is specifically her and her apperances)..
Vital Statistics

* Ethnicity: Asian
* Hair Color: Brown (frequently dyed Blonde for scenes)
* Eye Color: Brown
* Height: 5'4" (163 cm)
* Weight: 135 lbs. (61 kg)
* Measurements: 38F-25-36 (up to October 2005, now: 38DD-25-36)
* Breasts: Fake

Escort Rates

* 1 hour: $1200
* 2 hours: $2000
* 3 hours: $2700
* 4 hours: $3200
* 5 hours+: Contact her for details
* Contact Email: avadevine [at] aol.com

It should be noted that these rates are subject to change at any time, and to get a current idea of details you may have contact Ava herself or look for updates to her escorting website at AvaDevine.com. Booking Ava is for spending time with her, nothing else is guaranteed and it cannot be stressed enough that for more information contact Ava, who quite frequently travels around the US on escorting tours, so you might have to wait quite a while in order to be able to book her in an area near you.

* She won for Best Oral Sex Scene at the 2005 AVN awards in Las Vegas, the prize was awarded for her work in Cum Swallowing Whores 2 in which she was directed and joined in the specific scene by Francesca Le (who owns the production company of the title, Lewood).
* In 2005, she won a prestigious AVN award in the category Best Oral Sex Scene for her performance in Francesca Le's Cum Swallowing Whores 2. Presently, Ava is represented by LA Direct Models.
* Stage names she has used in the past include Ava Adore, Karen Little and Eva Devine (although the latter of which is probably a misspelling by writers of promotional material for one of her releases).
* She is classed as Eurasian due to her being half-Chinese and half-Italian.

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